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CMU Wine & Cheese Sports Awards: Carees Stephenson Wins Top Honours

By March 2, 2019Uncategorized

Second year Caribbean Maritime University Logistics student Carees Stephenson has won the top prize – the Professor Fritz Pinnock Award – at the inaugural CMU Wine & Cheese Sports Awards.

The award recognizes sporting excellence and academic achievement at the CMU.

According to Stephenson – a top player on the CMU rugby team – this award highlights the University’s commitment to supporting sports development.

Accepting the award from the Minister of Education, Youth & Information, Senator Ruel Reid, Stephenson told his colleagues “don’t be afraid to fail.”

He said he had been told by Professor Pinnock that “for every no you get in life, it is really a delayed yes.” He added that, “what I got from this is that every failure, is really a delayed success.”

Meanwhile, in his opening remarks at the function Minister Reid noted the importance of sports education in the overall development of the nation.

“Academic learning and sports education are of equal importance in the grand scheme of things,” he said. “It positions our national towards fulfilling the national development plan outlined in the Vision 2030 agenda,” Reid said. “Under the Vision 2030 agenda, sports is a target area for growth into a major business and commercial activity with high levels of investment to create wealth,” he added.

“The concept of a Wine and Cheese Sports Awards initially seemed overtly conservative” said Ms. Donnet Phillips, the event’s organizer and Director of Student Affairs at the CMU. “But it provided an opportunity for students to experience how sports can be tied to professionalism and sophistication,” she asserted. “This year’s winner [Carees], displayed not only sporting and academic excellence, but a mind for innovation, strategic planning and a heart for youth development, as that encapsulates Professor Fritz Pinnock.”

Other students who were recognized on the night were: Marlon Nunes, Shamoy Stewart and Adrian Brown (rugby), Xaiyer Wright, Terrence Tingling and Sikahala Davis (volleyball), Shenice Campbell and Collin Morrison (hockey), Dwaynehue Collash and Briana Morrison (swimming), Lemar James (fencing), Shahiede Patterson (rowing), Phillip Campbell (rowing),  Celina Walters and Jody Ann Clue (netball), and Davian Solomon (basketball).

The cocktail event was attended by students, government members, diplomats, members of the private sector, students and staff.

The awards ceremony was held on Thursday February 28 at the residence of the Nigerian High Commissioner to Jamaica.