About The Library

The Lucien Rattray Resource Center a.k.a. The Library is named in honour of  a former chairman of the Caribbean Maritime Institute.

Mr. Rattray served the CMI board for several years. He gave many dedicated years of service to the logistics and transport sectors in Jamaica. He was a former president of the Airports Authority of Jamaica, general manager at the Port Authority of Jamaica ­from 1973 to 1991, and president of the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) from 1994 to 1995.

The Centre was born out of kind donations of material and funding from several local and international partners including  the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to plan for, make available and facilitate access to information resources and services and to support the teaching, learning and research activities of the university and the maritime and allied industries.

Vision Statement

To be recognized internationally as a leading maritime information centre and to be a gateway to information resources and less of a guardian and repository of information.


To modernize the administrative and support systems of the library; improve operational effectiveness and achieve greater levels of customer and stakeholders satisfaction by:

  • – Expanding and strengthening the library’s collection

  • – Accessing  additional electronic resources

  • – Changing the aesthetic of the library

  • – Increasing number of staff

  • – Expanding the physical structure

Library Staff

Deputy Librarian – Ms. Navlette A. Bishop  nbishop@cmu.edu.jm

Mrs. Phillipa Osbourne-Butler, pbutler@cmu.edu.jm


The collection is multi-disciplinary and consists of books and other resources.

• Books
• Theses: Diploma, Bachelors. Masters and Doctoral
• Periodicals: Journals, magazines, newsletters
• CD ROMs & DVDs
• DVDs Related to some of the courses taught
• E-Books: Multi-disciplinary

• Databases: EBSCO, Lloyd’s List: Maritime Intelligence

• Other Online Resources

  • – Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network
  • – Gleaner Archives Online
  • – E-Magazines
  • – Newsletters

• Past Examination Papers  (Electronically available)


The CMU library provides a searchable online catalogue for students to be able to quickly and effortlessly find available resources.

The catalogue serves as a key to resources in the library. Entries in it describe items in our collection. The description includes at least the minimum information necessary to clearly identify a particular item,(i.e. author, title, series, publisher, place of publication and date of publication). Also indicated are the subject descriptors covered in the publication.

The catalogue is also on the computer located at the Circulation Desk. Please consult the staff at the Desk for assistance.

Click here for CATALOGUE

Please contact the Librarian for more assistance – ext 4239