Persons eligible 
All students who registered with the library are allowed to use its facilities. Books can be borrowed from the Open Access Collection for three (3) weeks. From the reference collection books can be borrowed on overnight loan and or used in the library for under-graduate students and for post-graduate students books on overnight loan can be borrowed for two (2) weeks.
Students in the SAM Programme, books can be borrowed on overnight loan for one week.

Overnight loan
Books borrowed on overnight loan are taken to the Circulation Desk; user will complete an Overnight Form. For full time students books must be returned by 10.00 a.m. the following day except for those borrowed on a Friday, these must be returned on Monday morning. For full time students, overnight loan are borrowed from 12:00 p.m. onwards each day. For part time students books borrowed must be returned by 6:00 p.m. the following day.


Materials Overdue
Books returned after due date attracts a fine; books from the Open Access Collection fine is $20.00per day and for Overnight loan fine is $100.00 per day. You are asked to return books and other items borrowed promptly. This is particularly important because our stock is limited. You will be reminded to return books and other materials overdue to the library.


Kindly note the following
Theses may not be photocopied and can only be used in the library.


Please report books and other material lost to the staff in the library immediately. You will be required to pay for their replacement if they cannot be located within a reasonable time.




The Photo-copying Machine is card operated and Photocopying Cards can be purchased in the library.  The cost for cards ranges from $200.00 upwards. Do not lose your cards as it can be used for “topping up” purposes.


Information for printing should be sent to the library’s email address, which is This is done from the computers located at the Circulation Desk. The library staff can be contacted at 924-8150/8175-76, ext. 4243 and 4239.


Referral to other libraries
Users will sometimes be referred to use the resources in other libraries if additional information is needed which cannot be located in the CMU library. A letter will be provided by a staff member for you to take to these libraries. Please bear in mind that you are studying at the tertiary level and will be conducting various research. Sometimes CMU’s Library alone will not satisfy your informational needs at time.