Using The Library

To find out if a particular book is in the library, you need to look it up in the computerized library catalogue or ask the staff at the circulation desk. The catalogue lists books held by the library. The shelves are labeled which will also assist users in locating books and information quickly.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday:      7:00 a.m  – 9:00 p.m.
Saturday:                      8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Sunday:                         8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Library Rules

All readers must obey instructions given by the library staff on duty that is deemed to be acting with the authority of the Librarian. It is an offence for anyone to behave  in a manner likely to affect other users adversely (e.g. by disorderly behaviour, by making unnecessary noise, by writing in books, or by persistently failing to return books on time).
Eating, drinking, smoking  and the use of personal radios or cassette players are not permitted. Mobile phones should be switched to silent.

If any member of staff believes that a user has committed such an offence (as mentioned above) , immediate actions may be taken by removing the offender from the library building and by withdrawing the right to borrow. The offender may be suspended from borrowing materials for a period or, in the case of persistent offenders, for a fixed period.

In the case of a serious offence (e.g. the un-authorized removal of or damage to library books or property; or gross disorderly behavior) the library staff may, in addition to imposing the penalties listed above:

  • – require payment for any damage or loss
  • – impose a fine for students and staff
  • – written report will be sent to the Disciplinary Committee

If computers or audio-visual equipment are being used they should not disturb others. Group study of up to four (4) persons at one table and quiet tutoring of one or two students are permitted.

The act of registering as a member of the library (whether in the course of matriculation or otherwise) carries with it a legal obligation to observe the provisions of the General Library Regulations.



  • – Refrain from marking the materials. Some of the books have become seriously defaced.
  • – Resist placing your elbows in books. (These are particularly vulnerable).
  • – Turn pages correctly, using the top right hand cover.


All bags except small handbags must be left in the storage area provided. The library has no facility for storage of personal property of users and under any circumstances will not take responsibility for such property.