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CMU snags new partner in Galillee International Management Institute, Israel

By November 23, 2018CMU News

The thrust towards internationalization intensifies, for the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), as it added Galillee International Management Institute (GIMI) to its list of international partners through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Tuesday, November 20, 2018. GIMI is a leading international institution in Israel that offers maritime, port and security training, as well as, training in higher education administration, to officers at the highest levels in various countries worldwide. CMU in similar fashion produces maritime officers up to managerial level and other land-based professionals in the allied and related sectors such as logistics and shipping, engineering, customs, freight forwarding, security and immigration.

The aim of this partnership is to formalize a working relationship for the expansion of training programmes in the areas of maritime, port operations and security management, counter terrorism and non-proliferation of mass weapons. CMU is uniquely positioned to advance this partnership because of its capacity to support the development of such programmes through its centres of excellence, namely the Centre for Security, Counter Terrorism and Non-Proliferation (CSCTN), and the Maritime Training Centre (MTC). The first, CSCTN, recently graduated approximately 40 specialized security professionals within Jamaica’s Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime Investigation Unit and the latter, MTC, is the premier centre for customized maritime training.

The collaboration directly supports the shared objective of creating a co-branded Centre of excellence on the CMU campus that will facilitate both declarative and procedural knowledge facilitation in Security, Counter-Terrorism and Non-Proliferation. It will also complement the enhancement of the internationalization approach to curriculum development, the development of study abroad opportunities, interest and awareness in tandem with development planning systems; and provide assist and support in the development of bilateral agreements between the Governments of Israel and Jamaica.