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CMU alumnus finds pleasure in assisting healthcare workers

Just a year ago, Brandon Hay graduated from the Caribbean Maritime University with big plans to establish his own business empire which includes a restaurant and a logistics company.

Fast forward to today, Brandon’s thriving Chinese take-out, Flamin Wok’, is among the many restaurants around the globe providing meals to healthcare workers who are actively fighting against the spread of the coronavirus.

“It was a fulfilling experience,” said Brandon, speaking about his coordinated food delivery to healthcare workers based at the Southern Regional Health Authority in Junction, St. Elizabeth. An initiative that was driven by one main instinct—to give back to those putting their lives at risk. “I really just wanted to thank our healthcare workers for getting up and going to work each morning, by giving them specially prepared meals from my restaurant.”

Many of those on the receiving end, work long hours at one of the busiest health care facility in St. Elizabeth.

“It is a busy Health Centre with a lot of visiting patients, so I had to ensure that the delivery was seamless, therefore, transport coordination was important” he explained. An aspect of his job that he believes he excels at, and naturally so, Brandon is a trained logistician, who earned his degree in logistics and supply chain management at the CMU.

“We do mainly take-outs, so I have to manage the supply chain process, to ensure that customers receive their orders on time,” he shared.

Currently, Brandon employs three additional persons. But like many other restaurant owners, he is grappling with uncertainty and the financial impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have on business operation. “All over the world restaurants and bars are closing their doors trying to limit the spread of the coronavirus,” he expressed. And given how widespread the current health crisis is, he said, “there is no guarantee when restaurant owners will be able to resume regular operations.”

Speaking about the impact of coronavirus on his business, Brandon said despite the financial setback, he remains optimistic. “There is no doubt that business has slowed since the outbreak, with fewer people choosing to eat out. But I am remaining optimistic that the situation will improve, not just for myself as a business owner, but for my employees, who themselves rely on the income to take care of their families,” Brandon told us.

Flamin Wok’ is a Chinese take-out located in Junction, St. Elizabeth.