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The Caribbean Maritime University is re-engineering its annual Sports Day activities as the CMU supports the country’s push to develop traditional as well as non-traditional sports ahead of the Tokyo Olympics set to take place later this year.

“For us at the CMU, sports is not just about physical activity,” says Director of Student Affairs, Donnet Phillips. “We want to underscore its role not just in the development of individuals but in Jamaica’s development,” she says.

Ms. Phillips explains that “this year the CMU is pushing the agenda far beyond simply having a day of competition as we traditionally do.” Instead of the usual one day event, the CMU has designed a Weekend of Activities to begin on March 13, 2020 at Stadium East in Kingston. That day of competition – which begins at 9 in the morning – will see CMU students and staff participating in track and field events as well as non-traditional sports such as cheerleading.

“When one considers that the CMU is leading the national effort in areas such as fencing, cheerleading and rowing,” says Acting CMU President Dr. Ibrahim Ajagunna, “it is imperative that we expose our students to a high standard sporting event while ensuring that this is done in a cost-effective manner.”

Ms. Phillips adds that the CMU wants to highlight the fact sportsmen and women have a lot to contribute to the nation’s development. “That’s why the next two days on the Sports Weekend calendar are dedicating to supporting other organisations, using sports as a catalyst,” she explains.

On Saturday March 14, 2020, CMU sportswomen and sportsmen as well as students and staff will take part in a charity event to give back to an organisation in need in Kingston. On Sunday March 15, 2020 CMU staff and students will partner with the Kingston City Run with students serving as event marshals and members of the university also taking part in the run itself.

Pointing to the Jamaica Moves initiative, Ms. Phillips says the CMU “views this approach as an opportunity not just to serve the community but, in our own small, way, to support an event that is really about celebrating the vital importance of sports to the nation’s development.”