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November 2017

CMU and CHILE Partner for Sustainable use of Marine Resources

By | CMU News

A collaboration initiative among the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU), the Embassy of Chile and the National Directorate of Maritime Territory of Chile (DIRECTEMAR) is actively advocating for the sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resource within the Caribbean region through a workshop titled “Major aspects of Coastal Environmental Management Workshop” from October 17 to 20 in Kingston.

The workshop took place under the framework of the cooperation agreement between the DIRECTEMAR and (CHILE/UNDP) – which forms part of Chile’s effort to implement a technical cooperation for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). In her presentation, CMU’s VP of Legal and International Affairs, Ms. Deniece Aiken, lauded the DIRECTEMAR and the Embassy of Chile for their contribution to environmental development in the Caribbean.

“This partnership with CMU represents an important milestone in engaging the Caribbean region about the protection and sustainable development of the marine environment,” said Ms Aiken. “CMU will be establishing a Centre for Renewable Energy and Climate Change, that will drive further research and introduce possible solutions to the issues being faced,” she added.

The overall objectives of the workshop were to develop the capabilities among the participants, and to contribute to the protection of the marine environment through environmental education and the management of liquid industrial residues, and the developments of contingency plans in cases of accidental oil spills and dumping.

The mode of delivery at the workshop was lectures from experts within the maritime industry in Chile who shared their environmental best practices in environmental management, climate change and marine life—with participants locally and across the region. They included: The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPEM), Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), United Nations Environmental Report (UNEP), and various ports and environmental agencies across the region.

At the closing ceremony, Capt. Jorge Imhoff, of DIRECTEMAR expressed to participants the benefits of the workshop to the overall development of the maritime life and thanked CMU for its collaboration.
In order to maintain the mutual collaboration of this workshop, seven participants of the Workshop in Kingston will be invited to a second phase of the program, to be held in Chile in March 2018. The seven participants will be selected based on the progress status of their environmental management instrument in the subsequent months.

CMU’s Centre for Digital Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing to offer 3D Printing

By | CMU News

The Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) will launch the Dr. Andrew Wheatley Centre for Digital Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing – a state of the art center for additive manufacturing and digital prototyping on CMU’s main campus at Palisadoes Park in Kingston. The centre is being launched as a partnership between local and international supporters who have secured the deployment of cutting edge equipment and software, funding and expertise towards the establishment of the facility. International partners include Siemens, Ultimaker, Stratasys, @DotProduct, Autodesk and SSI, provide technical and technological support while local partnership with the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology and the Universal Service Fund (USF) provide endorsement and start-up funding respectively.

This centre will focus on digital innovation and advanced manufacturing and will be used to help close the skills gap needed for students to compete in the 4th industrial revolution. The launch of the facility demonstrates the university’s thrust to diversify and enhance the quality of its offerings through technology and innovation. It also signals the establishment of the largest and most sophisticated advanced manufacturing and 3D printing service provider and training centre in the Caribbean. Under the ambit of the CMU the centre will not just be a service provider but a research hub for generating practical solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s manufacturing problems through innovation by bringing both students and industry practitioners together through technology.

According to Professor Fritz Pinnock, President of CMU, “additive manufacturing or 3D printing is another key area where we are seeing the demand from industry for a workforce that has this skill,” said “through a collaboration with the USF, we have been able to acquire the most sophisticated fleet of 3D Printers here in Jamaica and throughout CARICOM.” Executive Director.

The centre will be headed by first Executive Director, Mrs. Erica Simmons a technology leader and advocate who has held a variety of leadership positions at Siemens AG, Oracle Corporation and Expedia. She brings a strong technical background, outstanding management experience and an international network of contacts to start and sustain the centre. “Additive manufacturing has already been identified as the next wave of manufacturing. Many international companies are already utilizing this technology in a variety of interesting ways,” said Mrs. Simmons. She adds, “we too will be performing a variety of research and development projects. It is an honor to be able to lead this initiative and work with our international partners and suppliers to implement the state of the art technology. I know that centre will bring immense value not only to CMU but to Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.”

The centre will be named in honor of Dr. Andrew Wheatley, Minister of Science Energy and Technology and a champion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. He is a graduate of the Prairie View A & M University and Imperial College at the University of London. Dr. Wheatley is also a British Commonwealth Scholar who holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biochemistry and Chemistry (Hons.) as well as a Doctorate in Basic Medicine. A Senior Lecturer in Basic Medicine and a Research Scientist at the University of the West Indies, his work includes studies in the areas of Diabetes Management; Reversal of the Effects of Cocaine Addiction; Genetic Engineering against Disease and Stress Conditions; Pharmaceutical Properties of Indigenous Materials and Tissue Culturing.

Dr. Wheatley has had numerous publications in International Peer-Reviewed Journals. In addition, he has, to his credit, two local and two international patents. His vision is for the Ministry to become the driving force that propels Jamaica’s transition into a world-class society through innovation in its portfolio areas of Science, Energy and Technology, thereby creating avenues for employment and national development that ultimately fuels growth.