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July 2019


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Carnival Cruise Line has partnered with Caribbean Maritime University (CMU) to recruit employees to fill vacancies on board their fleet of passenger vessels. This is the first cruise line to employ graduates of the university and for Acting President, Ibrahim Ajagunna, this demonstrates the integrity of the CMU brand and the confidence international partners have in the university’s ability to produce competent and qualified, industry ready graduates. This he says is as a result of the university remaining focused on its key stakeholders – its students – keeping them as priority while investigations are being conducted. A total of 22 persons applied for placement; six as ratings/oiler, nine as engine cadets, and seven as deck cadets. Of this number, seven were selected and are now preparing serve onboard in the coming weeks. CMU congratulates Irandie Anderson, Dwayne Bennett, Jade D’shawn Goldnogl, Romane Carridice, Jordan Grant Maxwell, Fascel Daley and the only female, Seychelle Bailey. Carnival intends to return to Jamaica during August 23 – 26, 2019 to recruit persons within the hospitality area. We look forward to providing more talent through our cruise shipping and marine tourism programme.

Among the candidates that were interviewed is Seychelle Bailey, a final-year Marine Engineering student who said that the partnership with a major passenger vessel is a great achievement for the University. She shared that, “…this speaks to the level of respect they [Carnival] have for students/cadets trained here at CMU. This is the first recruiting batch, so I want to represent the CMU well and help to pave the way for other cadets—more specifically—female cadets”, she said.

Founded in 1972, Carnival, which currently operates 24 cruise ships, is said to be the world’s most popular cruise company, carrying more passengers than any other line. This is the second major partnership with a cruise line since the start of the year. In March, President and CEO of Royal Caribbean also visited CMU to discuss employment opportunities on board Royal Caribbean International Cruise Line, which could see several CMU students working onboard their vessels in the near future.



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For the first time, Jamaica will have a female marine engineer officer aboard a Carnival Cruise Line vessel.

Seychelle Bailey, a final-year student at the Caribbean Maritime University, will join the engineering crew on the world’s most popular cruise company when they set sail in August.

The Linstead St. Catherine native told us that she sees this as an opportunity of a lifetime and she intends to represent the CMU, and gain additional competence,

“I’ve always wanted to work on-board a passenger vessel, so when I was selected—it was like a dream come through,” she said. “My main goal now is to use what I’ve learned at CMU and gain additional skills that will reduce human error while I am at sea.”

Speaking about her journey at CMU, Seychelle stated that it was always her desire to pursue a ‘non-traditional’ career, which influenced her decision to pursue a career at sea.

“I always wanted to do something different in terms of my career, so it wasn’t a hard choice,” she said. “I remember while at the Queen’s School, I did a career evaluation and discovered that my interests are more aligned with engineering field.”

This discovery led her to do additional research on careers in engineering, where she came across marine engineering—a male dominated field.

“It was while researching engineering degree programmes, I discovered CMU and its marine engineering programme.” She noted that there were some reservations about the career path, due to an article she read online, that described it as a ‘male dominated field’ However, after consulting with her father, and other members of staff at the CMU, she decided to pursue her dream.

“At first, I was a bit hesitant,” she said. “But looking at where I am today, and what I have achieved, I can say I made a good decision.”

Founded in 1972, Carnival, which currently operates 24 cruise ships, is said to be the world’s most popular cruise company, carrying more passengers than any other line.