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October 2020

CMU receives laptop donation from ACMF

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The Caribbean Maritime University received a donation of eighteen laptops from the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) to assist with reducing the digital gap that exists in online learning brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With this contribution, several CMU students who lack access to computers at home will soon have the tools they need to participate in online teaching and learning as the University continues to deliver classes remotely.

“This is a great donation that came at the right time,” Prof. Noel Brown, Vice President of Technology and Innovation said during the handover exercise on Thursday. In August, the University announced that all classes for the current semester will be conducted online.  “These computers will be loaned to needy students so they can continue their teaching and learning activities at the University,” Prof. Brown further explained.

Meanwhile Nahjae Nunes, CMU’s Students’ Union Vice President, Education, was specifically grateful for the donation as he believes it would go far in ‘reducing the digital divide’ among the student population. “As an executive member of the Students’ Union, we are particularly grateful for this contribution, it is indeed timely, and I can assure the ACMF that it will be put to its fullest use in the advancement of all our students,” Nahjae expressed.

Also present to witness the handover exercise were Prof. Evan Duggan, Interim President and Prof. Ibrahim Ajagunna, Deputy President.

The contribution follows a scholarship donation, stewarded by the ACMF, which aims to ‘improve access to maritime education and training through financial contributions from the Foundation.’ Earlier in October, eighteen students received scholarships to cover the remainder of their academic years at the University.

The CMU has over the years established a collaborative relationship with the ACMF. The CEO, Dr. Geneive Brown Metzger recently led a call for additional donors to support the Foundation that has, as its mission, to ‘alleviate poverty and transforming lives in the Caribbean through maritime education and community development.’

“We owe a debt of gratitude to ACMF benefactors Roland Malins-Smith and Tower Isle Frozen Foods for making these scholarships possible,” says Dr. Brown Metzger.

Corporate entities, individuals and groups wishing to donate to the Foundation—can do so by visiting the website

ACMF continues generosity to CMU students with financial donation

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Eighteen students from the Caribbean Maritime University received a financial boost in light of setbacks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, when the American Caribbean Maritime Foundation (ACMF) committed to funding their undergraduate tuition to the duration of their programme.

The Foundation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic is planning to donate 18 laptops to the CMU to support students with resource challenges for online learning.

President and Executive Director of the ACMF, Dr. Geneive Brown Metzger, made the announcements during a recent ceremony held recently to introduce the 18 beneficiaries who will be recognized at the Foundation’s annual award and gala to be held tomorrow October 2, 2020.

The ACMF, a US-based non-profit organization, each year hosts the Anchor Awards in New York to recognize pioneers in the maritime industry and CMU students who have demonstrated strong academic performance, leadership, and service to the community.

According to Dr. Brown Metzger, this year’s virtual event will showcase the contribution of two honourees to the shipping sector, along with the work of Foundation with ACMF scholars and grantees. “There are two honourees, Win Thurber, Chairman of Norton Lilly International, the largest shipping agency in North America; and Risk Sasso, Chairman of MSC Cruises,” Brown Metzger shared.

Building on its own commitment to address the diversity of need among Caribbean students and develop infrastructure to increase capacity in maritime training institutions, the ACMF, since its establishment in 2016, has contributed over $45 million in funds to students across the Caribbean region.

“We [ACMF] are extremely proud of the partnership we have with the CMU and what we have been able to accomplish since the start of the Foundation,” Brown Metzger expressed.

In speaking to the importance of Anchor Awards, she shared that it is ‘more than the awards.’ For Brown Metzger it is about helping to transform the lives of Caribbean youth. “We are on a mission to safeguard access for young deserving future mariners to the industry. It is vital that indigenous Caribbean people have leadership roles and are vested in the industry,” she noted. “However, a big part of that is ensuring we have a trained cadre of industry-ready graduates to take up these jobs.”

Much like Brown Metzger, deputy president at the CMU, Prof. Ibrahim Ajagunna, said the ACMF has done a tremendous job supporting Caribbean students who have the ambition, but lack the financial support.

“Over the last three years, several CMU students have benefitted greatly from the generosity of the ACMF.” Many of these students, he said, consider the support from the ACMF as ‘life-changing. “The reality is, without this support from the ACMF, it would be difficult for these students to complete their academic studies.”

Speaking on behalf of this year’s beneficiaries Dahlia Blake, a second-year logistics student, pointed out that, the ACMF provides well-needed opportunities for students who are ignited with a passion for success, but lack the financial support. For her part, she also noted that: “This Foundation has given me a second chance at pursuing my academic goals, as the coronavirus pandemic disrupted my academic plans for the upcoming year.”

The mission of the ACMF is to alleviate poverty and transform lives in the Caribbean through maritime education and community development.

The ACMF Awards and Gala will broadcast on; and can be viewed on Facebook live. Tickets are now available at a cost of $150 US each.  Proceeds with go to the Foundation’s charitable activities.