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May 2018

CMU partners with Optimum Customer Service consultancy

By | CMU News
The Caribbean Maritime University has teamed up with Optimum Customer Service Consultancy to work, among other initiatives, on the Technology Advancement programme, TAP.
Optimum is a customer service training company which started in the UK over 10 years ago and launched in Jamaica in 2017. Thanks to its partnership with CMU the company is now able to provide certified training to individuals. Training which is recognised not only in Jamaica but internationally.
This month heralds the start of the first project delivered in the CMU and Optimum partnership. As part of the islandwide TAP1000 initiative, Optimum delivered a professionalism module covering a variety of topics to support the students as they prepare for work. From how to behave in a professional environment, to exploring different ways to communicate, to selecting appropriate clothing for a job placement – several learning methods were used to engage participants.
Optimum already delivers certified customer service courses to the public at different locations across Jamaica.
TAP is an initiative of the Ministry of Science Energy and Technology through the Universal Service Fund, one of the agencies within the Ministry. TAP aims to support Jamaica’s thrust to become a knowledge based society by equipping young persons with the skills and experience to participate in the global digital economy.

The programme will target young persons island-wide aged 18-35 and will facilitate them acquiring and honing skills in ICT both in the classroom and the work environment. The programme will also provide human resource support to the Government of Jamaica to accelerate its ongoing digitization process. Participants will be engaged for 12 months. After this period, they will be equipped with the skills to become tech entrepreneurs or to better contribute in the world of work.

CMU Undergoes Multi-Billion-Dollar Construction

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Over the next few months, the Caribbean Maritime University will undergo massive construction that will see the University – known for its maritime and engineering programmes – spending millions to upgrade and build new facilities to reflect its recent “Universty Status.”

Amidst the flurry of summer construction, includes a state-of-the-art lecture theatre, FESTO Lab, a refurbished engineering workshop, overhaul of the Jetty, two bus stops and a new dental facility.

More info on these developments coming soon…